The first tip in Forex trading is that we have to know our own capital capabilities in this Forex trading, for example we only dare to spend $200 of capital to try a business in Forex. Then we should open a demo account and the capital we use is also $200. Why not just use big capital? Like using $3,000 or $5,000, this is for you to directly train your own ``Money Management” and ``Emotion”. If you practice using large capital, of course the margin will be strong so that you feel relaxed, but when you use real money and it is smaller than the existing virtual money, surely the margin resistance will be very small, and consequently you will be hit with a margin call, then you think Forex is gambling. To avoid what will happen to you, it is advisable to try the Demo Account according to the capacity that you will spend later. The second tip is, you better practice on just one currency pair, this is so that you understand the nature of the currency and you are more focused. There is a man that says ``It`s better to focus on something so that there is a result, rather than dividing your focus into various things and in the end nothing works.” The third tip is, if you want to trade with MT4 indicator, then use only reputable and high accuracy Forex indicators. One of the most recommended Forex indicator is ForexPin Trading System by Dennis Buchhols, which you may expect of consistent profits, especially if you are satisfied with Return of Investment of 10% – 20% a month.

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